About Us

Mother & Daughter Duo ♡
ROAGI Beauty is the result of a mother and daughter's skin journey and their willingness to help others.
Maria Reza & Gisselle Botello
ROAGI Beauty founders, Maria Reza and Gisselle Botello, talking about their skincare (melasma and acne) journey
Maria's Story
 " My struggle with melasma started six years ago. Trying to find answers on how to treat melasma I made my YouTube channel, Maria Rizzz Tv. I discovered a whole community of people also struggling with melasma. After going to the dermatologist and seeing no results, I decided to research about the condition more on my own. My goal became to help people suffering from the same skin problems as me to have beautiful healthy skin they can be confident in." - Maria
Gisselle's Story
    " ROAGI Beauty is the outcome of our struggles with our skin problems. Before getting into skincare, I was the type of person who never washed her face. Suddenly in high school acne started popping up on my face. I was confused and decided to try to search up different home remedies. I tried putting toothpaste on my pimples which didn’t work, baking soda, etc which ended up damaging my skin more. After researching more about skincare, I learned how to take care of my skin and become more confident." - Gisselle
ROAGI Beauty founders, Maria Reza and Gisselle Botello, share about their skin journey (melasma and acne)